Friday, January 3, 2014

Bringing Masha Home, Part 2

The phone call from our facilitator telling us good news also gave us the following bad news…

Our wonderful (yes, you detect sarcasm!) US Center for Disease Control requires a TB test, but for months, there has been a shortage of the skin tests. Most families have been fortunate to have this requirement waived, but it seems the CDC decided to put some children through a harsher TB test. To do this test, they must cough up fluid from their lungs (phlegm) into a cup. As bad as it would be for Masha to have to endure this test, there was another difficulty here as well. I was told I should just go home and come back in 2-3 weeks! At 3 pm on Monday…when the miracle of the passport being picked up was occurring…another member of the team was instructing me to go home because of this roadblock with the TB test! Here’s why…Three days in a row were needed to do the test, and the first opportunity would be on January 8. For the first time ever the medical clinic would close on Christmas Day, in a country that celebrates Orthodox Christmas on January 7th! So with that closing, and their being closed on New Year’s Day and Orthodox Christmas, January 8th would be the soonest to do the test three days in a row.

The facilitator tells me they have exhausted every avenue, pulled every string, and used all their influence.

It would be impossible to finalize on this trip.

Buy tickets and let them know when they needed to get us to the airport to leave.


AGAIN I would have to have them explain to this little angel that we had to leave her there a little longer. And we wouldn’t be coming to see her each day.

I messaged Michelle at home and told her the news. I couldn’t even wrap my brain around it. I wanted to ball up and cry. I told her to please pray for me. Pray for Masha. Pray for a solution. I was devastated. I emailed our travel agent and got options going for travel and left to see our girl at the orphanage for the last time in 2013. I was in tears. I am amazed at how this little girl has grabbed hold of my heart. As MC and I sat and visited with her, she had no idea of our leaving without her. The attorney walked through after obviously having talked to our team. She frowned with a sympathetic face and waved at me. My heart was breaking. Two more times the phone rings with the team giving me options to return to Ukraine in a few weeks. They apologize for the delay, but it is beyond their control. I prayed again for a MIRACLE.

Ten minutes later the phone rang and the same lady who had told me to go home announced, “We’ve just had a miracle!” A doctor and a nurse had agreed to come in on their day off for us! We were to go to the hotel to pack and wait for our facilitator to arrive and drive us back to Kiev……TONIGHT! Praise my Lord who answers prayer and loves all His children!  

Our facilitator left Kiev around 4 on Monday evening and drove down for the long journey to where we were to pick us up and take us back up to Kiev (about 750km round trip). He arrived at the hotel around 9:15 pm. We check out and head to the orphanage to get our girl, arriving late Monday night. I felt like I was in a dream. It was FINALLY here! Time to actually walk out of here with Masha! We headed in and straight upstairs to meet with the lawyer for the orphanage who stayed very late for us. She was very happy to greet us and talk about plans to get Masha’s passport stamped and signed and put on a bus to be delivered to us the next day. She then took us to see Masha. She.was.beaming! Huge grin across her lovely face. Hair fixed. Bag of keepsakes packed (an ornament she had made, picture book we gave her of her new family, a doll from us, handmade beaded needlework of Mary and Jesus from one of her care takers.) She has NOTHING basically. No clothes. No toys apart from the doll. No real possessions to speak of, other than what we’ve given her and the nanny’s needlework. But now she has a family!

We were in the living room area of her home, and the double doors to the bedroom where there are 15 identical beds were open. We could hear talking, laughing, and crying. Anticipation of another friend who has a family while the rest are left to wonder "When will my turn come? Or will it?" Mary Cate changed Masha into the new clothes we brought for her, and three of her friends came out to sit on the sofa, watch all of this unfold, and say goodbye to her. 

What was going through their precious little minds? I can tell you! Our facilitator shares that the toughest thing for him is always enduring the same question…”When are you bringing MY mama and papa here for ME?” How heartbreaking! As Masha walks out, her 3 friends who had come out to see her off watch, and we heard cries from the bedroom from the 11 others inside. I pray for them and for the team as they wait for someone to step up and say “yes” to them, too.

Is it YOU
Is God calling you to adopt?
Will you hear and answer the cry of these orphans who LONG for a mom and dad to call their own?

Masha BEGGED the social worker repeatedly to please find her Mama and Papa. What if we had ignored what God had laid on our hearts and was calling on us to do? It has definitely been far from an easy thing to do. But, He NEVER promised easy. Only that He would go before and with us. 

And oh, how He has been so faithful to us and to Masha!

At 10:30 pm, we left the orphanage for good and were off to Kiev....

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  1. these 3 little ones look so sweet... Heart breaking...
    But Masha's heart must have been beating wild !
    Mine was !